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Pirates Surf Rescue UAE

Pirates is a multifaceted program, designed to cater for individuals of diverse fitness levels,
athletic abilities, genders and ages.

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Learn more about Pirates Surf Rescue and it's mission to empower kids across the globe.
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Our exclusive program gives students the unique opportunity of participating in a range activities.
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Events & Trips
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Welcome to Pirates Surf Rescue

We are the world’s first Sea Rescue and fitness lifestyle program, offering a diverse range of activities for children aged 5 – 20 years of age. Our exclusive program gives students the unique opportunity of participating in a range of sports, fitness and lifestyle educational programs. Based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi UAE, we're proud to offer the best beach activities, giving students a unique and unforgettable experience.

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1200+ Registered Kids
50+ Coaches
Ages 5 - 20
Daily sessions

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What we do

The most comprehensive program for kids

Embracing the spirit of being a Pirate, children embark on a journey of boundless learning and excitement within the program. They explore a diverse range of activities including jet skiing, kayaking, surfing, swimming, beach sprints, surf rescue, volleyball, gymnastics, nippers, lifeguard training, and more. Throughout the program, children not only participate but also have the opportunity to learn and excel in multiple activities, creating a truly enriching experience.

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Kids enjoying a fun day on a large stand-up paddleboard (SUP) at the beach.

Discover us across Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Experience our presence throughout Dubai and Abu Dhabi, where our training takes place at renowned venues including Laguna Beach Al Hudayriat Abu Dhabi and Kite Beach Dubai. These exceptional locations serve as our training hubs, inviting you to join us in unlocking your potential and embarking on a journey of growth.

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Energetic children gleefully sliding down a water slide under the bright sun, radiating happiness and fun

Events & Trips

Venturing beyond training, our program unveils a realm of thrilling adventures and boundless growth. As Pirates, you'll not only engage in fitness activities but also navigate through a world brimming with excitement, travel, exploration, and continuous personal development. We participate and contribute to causes like visiting orphanages, constructing schools, and undertaking other impactful endeavors. Join us in this extraordinary expedition, where every step you take becomes an opportunity to travel, explore, learn, and make a positive difference in the world!

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competitive spirit and skill during a challenging beach flag activity.


Explore our range of activities and offers including school or group programs, adult fitness, lifeguard courses, experiences and more.

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