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“Once a Pirate, Always a Pirate”
Pirates Surf Rescue is a way of life. We believe in holistically creating the next generation of good, moral, hardworking athletes, whilst inspiring a sense of community within our regions.

It’s the Mission of pirates to re-introduce discipline, respect, morals and compassion within our community. BUT to always inspire a sense of childlike playfulness. The coaches, staff and representatives of pirates are to be role models and mentors within the franchise of Pirates Surf Rescue.

Kids enjoying a fun day on a large stand-up paddleboard (SUP) at the beach.

Our History

Pirates Surf Rescue Academy commenced operation in Dubai (UAE) in 2010, as an idea by Candice Fanucci. The program initially began with five students on Kite Beach (one of whom was her own daughter).

Candy’s idea was to develop a program which embodied every single one of values she had learnt through her own athletic and personal experiences.

Candy was a competitive athlete from a young age and earned her national colors for Swimming, she then went on to receive her national colors in Hockey as well as Track. After a spine replacement operation at the age of 33, Candy was told she would never run again. Never one to shy away from a challenge, 2 years later she went on to represent the Arabian Gulf
playing women’s rugby.

Candy began teaching small groups of students on the beach in a non-traditional unique set up, which evolved and grew into what was and is the world’s most diverse and unique lifestyle academy
Pirates Surf Rescue.

Portrait of the founder of Pirates Surf Rescue
Children having a blast at Atlantis Aquaventure  Water Park, splashing and playing in the colorful water attractions.
Lifeguard performing a water rescue, swiftly moving towards a swimmer in need of assistance.
Energetic kids having a great time swimming on a surfboard in the water

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