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Pirates Surf Rescue is committed to giving each child the opportunity to learn, develop and achieve their goals, whilst having fun along the way.

We also offer day outings for schools where students will have the opportunity to participate in a range of selected activities, with an emphasis on Team Building and Marine Conservation.

What we offer

Daily Session

With regular sessions hosted across four convenient locations, align seamlessly with the school term, spanning a duration of three months. You have the flexibility to choose a schedule that perfectly fits your child's routine and your preferences. Whether you opt for 3 sessions a week, twice a week, or even just one session a week, our program is designed to accommodate various commitments and provide a seamless balance between learning, fun, and other activities. Our diverse range of activities ensure that each session is an enriching experience, nurturing your child's skills, confidence, and enthusiasm.

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Adult Fitness Bootcamp

Our program is not only for children; it offers an inclusive opportunity for adults to engage in exhilarating activities. From adventurous challenges to team-building activities, this unique opportunity is designed to boost physical and mental well-being, all while forging lasting connections with fellow participants who share your enthusiasm for personal growth.

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School / Group Program

We are thrilled to extend our program to schools and groups as well. Whether you're looking for a one-week enrichment program or scheduled day training, both options are tailored to accommodate a minimum of 20 kids. This presents an excellent opportunity for educational institutions and organizations to provide their students with a comprehensive and engaging experience that goes beyond the classroom. Through a carefully curated curriculum of activities, we aim to foster a sense of teamwork, personal development, and exploration in a fun and interactive setting.

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Lifeguard Course

Our program covers sea conditions, first aid, CPR, rescue techniques, signals, and more. The exam includes a written test, CPR evaluation, run-swim-run challenge, and signal proficiency. Our Lifeguard qualification is globally recognized through affiliations. Our certified instructors ensure top-tier training. Nippers, for ages 5 to 13, builds confidence, life skills, and aquatic knowledge. It's a fun pathway to Surf Life Saving and beyond, emphasizing participation and enjoyment. Activities encompass surf safety, first aid, swimming, body board paddling, and dynamic beach activities.

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